Official Smogon Doubles Tournament II - Round 5

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yovan33321 over Drud
Lunar. over CyndaKill-SH
Frixel over Sirwings
Laz over lhce628
jay over 5 Guns 0 Brains
Koalacance over Drivetacos
Skyward78 over Qwello Lee
Liakos over WheretheWest
MZB over xSkelly34
mammalu over Realblazing
RadicalAxis43 over Neko-The-Maid
SiceXV over jonas
Dj Breloominati♬ over Reze
Alpha Rabbit over Tsulkalu
Churielix over AmongusChampion
lugonator over Iosif
papiloco over Koxtler
Bless over dkyvion
paolode99 over XKH
avarice over Avocadorable
IdolCian over j5677
kjdaas over MrPablez
swag god over Radius47
DanDaMan99 over AcE8216_
That Dude over M2T8R9
riftqueen over DefinitelyDani
skimmythegod over DragXMaster
Lucky-Sama over Strange127
Mr.Bossaru over nixxreaper
FI4RFL4M3 over xavgb
Tapu Yolo over Wrld957
Nugget O Silver over natsuzamaki
SpaceCP over ZENAR3RD0
PolioIsNotCoolio over Snowiera
Sk4diddle over ballooncucumber
poorhouse over JasonJah
luisin over SimsyBool
Zerotti over whisperdoll
jcbc over hooplahk
Opelucid over truthwhenilie
Ron over Steven_Stone_007
Drifting over Hippo Pulse
Orangex733 over Gowtham pokefan
ECPkmn over Eli?IsThatYou
StuffedRavioli over Ujustgotrecked
Lemurro over maretusbasement1
Sliceofbread96 over maxhooij
Bouff over EmPlayz
Aldrich over Rodrii-Kioya
Mai-Valentine over deoxys speed
sir jelloton over PokenerdCentral
QianJiang-China over GangBangKang
ratpacker over SabaMed
Flacidpanda over PrinceSuicune
SliferSkyD over Balomogon
NotlPrimRose over BebouLove
Descending over PXN Kwesi

HisuianZoroark over TectonicDestroyer
deez fts over Chetyre
Heika over Drosnight4443
CyberOdin✝ over SamuraiSam
Mamakoko over JPabloSenpai
Your mom op. over ryanmers
rollygang420 over TheManiacOfPkmn
Treh32 over BlazingDark
Real_Corviknight over jsshrom
Theoneandonly78 over Keqinamu
Mendeez over PooiestTrainer
The Strap over 64 Squares
Imperial-XV over Lukeison animations
Ripplecreme over KeyAnn
QuillenKai over Alix-Farin
bruh547 over SpectralThief
MrDoor over OzoneSpark
Adam3560 over Terraquaza
TokyoDesu over giove97
Togenium Z ovr RyPi
Khoner14 over Halinor 8i
BrilliantBeheeyem over MihoVG
Scout Silver over xxGelflingxx
Glamingow over Chaitanya
slyfoxybrazenboi over Blitzcvt
depress10n over Perish Song
Smol over Arkado
Skitty Kitty over TeamCharm
RDarkWarlord over prtisme27
IBM over Retrostyle
JoJoVGC over Jckilla99
FroakieJoltick over holly
TheRico01 over Raakil
EviGaro over dex

Please contact me, TPP, zee, or a Tournament Director with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the activity calls. Round 6 is coming shortly.
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